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Other Modalities with certification
Geriatric MassageGeriatric massage has been developed to address the specific needs of people with health impairments that are associated with clients usually age 65 and older. To provide this modality properly/safely requires both theoretical knowledge and technical skills. Information from the fields of gerontology, psychology, sociology, medicine and massage has been the source by which Geriatric Massage was developed. 
     *Received training through Day Break Geriatric Massage Institute.

Oncology Patient Massage: Oncology massage by a properly trained oncology massage therapist is appropriate for any stage of cancer. This type of massage addresses the multi-faceted issues related to cancer: the side effects of the various treatments, the physical consequences of cancer, the emotional as well as the psycho-social consequences. Cancer is one of the most stressful experiences anyone can experience and massage is a proven antidote to stress. To quote a cancer patient, oncology massage is like "a vacation from cancer."  
     *Received basic and advanced training through Tracy Walton, nationally recognized expert and trainer in Oncology Massage. 

**Same hourly rates as the preceding page.


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