Beacon Massage Therapy
85 Park Street  Stoughton MA 02072

 I can highly recommend Alan Jacobson, a licensed massage therapist.  I find him to be respectful, sensitive, and focused on the body as an integrated whole as well as any areas that I tell him need attention and healing.  He is dedicated to his profession and continues furthering his knowledge and skills as a massage therapist.  No matter how stressed I am when I arrive, after a session with Alan I always feel relaxed and serene when I leave.   
   Craig N.

Prior to the massage Alan listened to me carefully and understood what I needed. After the massage I felt so relaxed that I felt like a newborn baby. It was amazing and so relaxing. My stress went away and my chronic back pain has been gone for the past week. I was relaxed, free of stress and my muscles were no longer tender or sore. I felt rejuvenated and slept very well the night of the massage. Alan really has healing hands. It was the best massage I ever had and would recommend him to anyone who needs to have their pain go away or has trouble sleeping because of stress.  
   Kate O.

I felt as though a 40 pound weight lifted off of me by the end of the hour. I literally had an out of body experience, leaving my body when Alan was working on me, and when I returned I felt so different. I felt so free. It was a good feeling. The energy I felt during the massage was well controlled and directed to where it seemed to be needed. He provided me with a deep massage really working my body. I’ve been to massage therapists before and based on my experiences and Alan really knew what he was doing. He listened to my body and exceeded my expectations. Thank you.   Marc C.

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